Wild Timor Coffee

We hear many coffee comWild Timor Coffee Co.panies profess to roll their sleeves up and help the farmers directly.

The unfortunate truth is these companies usually only deal with the co-op owner, never the farmer, and these co-op owners keep the majority of the money; the coffee companies will be happy with this deal as long as they get these high quality micro-lots and a few fancy photos of them “working with the people on the ground”, while in reality the farmer doing all the work is left to the side receiving barely anything at all.

Our direct programs help and change people’s lives in the community – the people we know and care about. Wild Timor Coffee Director, Tom Potter, lives in the community allowing us to monitor and grow our community and provide education and assistance in the best possible way.



Laulara Birthing Centre

Before the development of the Laulara Birthing Centre, Women in labour were forced to walk or ride on the back of a bus or motorbike 15km to the hospital in Aileu to give birth. Many women decide on home births instead. Therefore, not receiving timely advice and care before, during or after birth, compounding any problems experienced during these critical times for mothers and babies, especially when difficulties arise during birth. Your purchase from the Laulara Birthing Centre Coffee products will directly support the local community and protect the health of mother and babies, providing young children with a better start in life.

Learn more about the Laulara Birthing Centre Project


Wild Timor Coffee


100% Organic Coffee Beans

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Product Description

Wild grown under ancient canopies in the pristine mountainous hinterland of Timor Leste. Harvested and dried under the golden Aileu sun. Free of fertilizers and chemicals.

Sourced from local farmers around Laulara, Coffee sales contribute to the development of the Laulara Birthing Centre. In alliance with Friends of Aileu we hope to help fund this project.

Cupping Notes
Creamy, earthly aromatic, deep caramel cocoa flavour with a medium body.

Country Region:  Belumhato
Coffee:  Single Estate
Farmer:  Christiano
Variety:  Hybrid De Timor, Typica
Altitude:  1200m

Aroma 8.25 / Flavour 8  /  Aftertaste  8.75
Acidity 7.5  /  Body 7.5

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