Customer Creations

Really Raw Chocolates
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  1. 150g Raw Cacao Powder - 300g Raw Cacao Butter
  2. 100g Liquid Sweetener eg. agave, honey, etc
  3. Pinch of healthy salt
  1. First melt the cacao butter in a ‘bain marie’ (a steel bowl over a large pot of just boiled water).
  2. Into a strong blender, add the 4 ingredients together, then scrape out blender into a bowl, and add any optional ingredients you wish.
  3. Spoon into chocolate moulds or funny shaped ice cube trays, refrigerate for a half hour, and pop out onto plate.
  1. Goji berries, Maqui powder, Acai Powder, Goldenberries, orange zest, vanilla bean, grated ginger, shredded coconut, crushed nuts etc etc