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Water and Food Energizer Plate




The Orgone Energy Charging disk is designed as a tool to infuse life force energy into water and food which improves taste and hydration qualities.

The disk dissolves residual energy from all liquids and especially food, which tends to accumulate more residual toxic energies than liquids.

On a physical level, the surface tension of a liquid placed on the disk is lowered, thus enabling better hydration qualities for the human body which improves cell hydration. Orgone charged water tastes softer and slightly sweeter and is noticeable by its energized feeling in your stomach.  The water also has energetic qualities similar to that of mountain spring water straight from the stream. The disk also improves the taste of other liquids such as juices and wines.

During recent research into the effectiveness of other ionising products on the market, we have been made aware that some very expensive electronic water ionisers actually do not ionise the water at all, and some of these products can cost up to $1000!
Body lotions, tonics and shampoos improve their effectiveness after being charged and the residual energies have been removed with the disk. Vases of flowers will last much longer after being placed on a disk.

Crystals that have accumulated a lower resonance and need cleansing can be re-balanced with the Rejuvenation Disk. So much so, that we have found that crystals that have been energized and cleared by the disk tend to stay clearer for a greater than usual period of time. We have many crystal dealers incorporate the Rejuvenation Disk into their quality systems to ensure that their customers receive crystals in peak energetic condition.

Essential Oils
By placing an oil burner or diffuser on the Rejuvenation Disk, the aromatic resonance of the oil is amplified up to 6 metres from the plate which allows you to receive greater pleasure from you essential oils. Without the Rejuvenation Disk, the aromatic resonance would only extend 500mm from the burner.

To use the disk, simply place it under the container holding the liquids or foods and leave for a few minutes to charge. The Rejuvenation Disk is a variation of the Schumann Generator Dome and Geoclense which means that the Rejuvenation Disk is also a very powerful total solution space clearer converting all known noxious Positive Ion energy fields to a healthy Negative Ion resonance.
Independent water testing was conducted in Switzerland (performed by Dr Omoto’s method) showing the energetic qualities of distilled water (dead water) before being placed on the Water Rejuvenation Disk (left) and then after (right), showing how the Disk returns the water to its more natural state

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