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Mobile Phone and Wifi Radiation Harmonizers



The Mobile Phone and WI-FI Radiation Harmonizers are designed to neutralize the noxious radiation emissions from all types of mobile phones and WI-FI systems.
Mobile phones and WI-FI systems send a noxious energy beam direct from the phone or lap top to the communication tower or modems. The same noxious energy beam is present between a wireless modem and lap top computer.

This noxious energy beam may cause a resonant stress in orgnas while using the phone, and of people who may be positioned between the communicating phone or lap top and the tower or modem, thus affecting their well-being. Hot head syndrome experienced while talking on a mobile phone for a prolonged period of time may also be reduced.

The dangerous radiation that is emitted from the phone while in your pocket or hand bag, penetrates the cells of your body which may also create a resonant effect on human organs placing them under stress.

The Mobile Phone Radiaiton Harmonizer is a frequency infused screen print onto a polycarbonate disk, which resonates a balancing negative charge field that may neutralize the positive charge energy fields around the lap top or phone, and also the beam connection at the same time.
Orgone Effects Australia’s Mobile Phone Radiation Harmonizer may also protect from all other sources of EMF/Earth Radiaiton (Geopathic stress), for a distance of up to 10 metres around the phone, being the ONLY phone radiation balancing device in the world capable of total energy protection!

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