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Harmonywear is an energetic tool that creates a harmonizing field of negative charge around our body to support and balance our own magnetic field and Aura.

Harmonywear may protect from depleting positive charge energy influences created by aspects of our environment such as computers,TV’s, household appliances and electrical equipment etc.
The pendant is especially beneficial to people who are very sensitive to energy and may suffer from Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), as demonstrated by intuitive medical practitioners who consult with EHS sufferers on a daily basis. Available in a range of styles the pendant offers a wide selection to suit varying sensitivities.

Harmonywear offers protection against noxious energies such as:-
* Electromagnetic Radiation
* Radio Frequencies and Microwave
* Earth Magnetic Radiation/Geopathic Stress
* Psychic Energies
* Digital TV
* Compact Fluorescent Light Globes
Harmonywear is energetically superior to other energetic pendants because it does not have a negative polarity and is programmed with SANIT (Stand Alone Negative Ion Technology). By wearing the Harmonywear your energy levels may increase due to the supportive effect the pendant has on our vital organs which are weakened by various EMF fields.
Bioresonance and Kinesiology testing of hundreds of people has shown that the pendant may increase energy levels and well-being thus reducing stress levels.
Harmonywear Pendant may benefit by helping with…
* Strength
* Endurance
* Flexibility
* Coordination
* Intuition
* Concentration levels
* And helps to compensate for those low energy days
Independant testing using GDV Kirlian Photography of how the Harmonywear Pendant may have a beneficial effect on human organs by preventing resonant stress caused by EMF.
Image on left is without harmonywear Pendant and right with Harmonywear Pendant

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