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hannahpad is a non-toxic menstrual cloth pad option that is designed and made in Korea. The CEO of hannahpad Korea is also surprisingly a male.  He created hannahpad due to the pain suffered by his female friend during her period.

My wife and I liked the concept of hannahpad so much that we decided to bring it to Australia & New Zealand.

hannahpad was originally established in 2005 to offer a non-toxic and organic alternative in Korea. It is now the time to spread hannahpad globally, so more people can have access to a healthier product for their menstrual cycle.

My wife (Jenny) and I were living in Abu Dhabi for 10 years where we worked as Cabin Crew for Etihad flying around the world.  It was amazing to see the world and to enjoy so many different countries though there was a downside.

The downside to this was the amount of chemicals that we were being exposed to on a daily basis. From the chemicals in the hotels used for cleaning to the chemicals used in the skin care and  cosmetics that Jenny was required to wear.

She also suffered from severe pain during her period that required her to take pain medication. I am sure that every woman knows the pain and discomfort that can occur, so she started to search for the best solution to manage her period and her health. She wanted to avoid harmful chemicals wherever possible, so now she uses natural and organic products. That is how we discovered hannahpad.

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Liner 2 Pk, Small 2 Pk, Medium 1 Pk, Large 1 Pk, Ultra Overnight 1 Pk, Super Ultra Overnight 1 Pk


How to wash:
1. Rinse using cold water as soon as possible to remove any discharge.
2. Lather using our Probiotic (EM) soap or any natural laundry detergent.
3. Soak in a bucket/container for a minimum of 6 hours to overnight in cold water with a natural detergent or laundry soaker. Soak up to 48 hours if required.
4. Wash by hand* or machine wash in cold water.
*If you hand wash you can use a spin cycle on your machine to remove excess water to quicken drying time.
5. Dry in the sun where possible, as it is a natural antibacterial.


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