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My name is Lee-Ann Haynes-Folan. I have always been passionate about supporting people to become the best versions of themselves. I have travelled the world extensively and have studied and explored many different modalities.

Kinesiology (Integrated Healing) is my passion due to its ability to offer deep and lasting relief from a wide range of emotional, spiritual, mental, neurological and physical disfunctions. I have studied Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Naturopathy, supporting people to integrate their emotions with the understanding that these emotions are a precursor to dis-ease. I turned to energetic healing and Reiki, and then worked as an Avatr Master for 12 years, further exploring aspects of consciousness and the power of beliefs. Kinesiology has become the umbrella that encompasses all of my prior experience and training, and creates focus and intent as a Practitioner.

Integrated Healing

A revolutionary healing system that combines the best of modern Psychology, NLP, CBT, Physiology, Applied Kinesiology, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine, complementary medicine and many other modalities, and allows a profound yet simple approach to healing.

A wide range of issues are addressed:

  • Sabotage and Survival Programs
  • Neurological Swithching
  • Restoring Blueprint States
  • Cutting Negative Energetic Cords
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Redundant Vows
  • Physical Pain
  • Clearing Self Limiting Beliefs
  • Negative Amygdala Memories
  • Chakra Gateways
  • Invasive Energies
  • Soul Integration‚Ķand many more!

TMJ Reset

Reset is a technique that allows the body to make its own corrections by relaxing the jaw muscles and ligaments.
Stresses and toxins are released by the body when given healing energy as the jaw muscles affect the body holistically.
Using this system, the muscles, skeletal, nervous and endocrine systems can be balanced, as well as the hydration for the whole body.

Reset can achieve the following;

  • More stability in hip, knee and foot muscle
  • Improved digestion and assimilation of foods
  • Improved balance of hormones and glands
  • Improved toxin elimination through the kidneys
  • Less headaches, sinus and migraine problems
  • Less tension in 90% of the muscles in the body

doTERRA Touch

Most individuals encounter factors in daily life from both their internal and external environment, that can influence their overall health and wellbeing. These negative disturbances cause an imbalance in homeostasis, the natural balance of our bodies systems and our general health. Such challenges, even when they do not directly result in disease, cause our bodies to function at a sub-optimal level.

The four systemic constants that most often impair Homeostasis are; Stress, Toxic Insult, Inflammatory Response and Autoimmune Imbalance. The Aroma Touch technique restores homeostasis and minimizes the impact of these factors.

It involves using 8 CPTG (Certified Practitioner Therapeutic Grade oils) with simple hand techniques which enhance essential oil activity and stimulates the bodies meridians and energy zones. A deep sense of relaxation and homeostasis is achieved.

Our Healing Room Reviews

Paula GWonthaggi
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Lee-Ann was brilliant she removed an unwanted energy entity....realigned my purpose to compassion for myself and all beings ...cleared fear around my mother's death ...surrounded me with crystals drenched me in oils and introduced me to my dragon!!
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A lovely space with a beautiful calming energy. Lee-Ann is so talented...I have had many deep breakthroughs throughout my healings. Her support throughout each and every process was caring, loving and clear. I would highly recommend booking an appointment to anyone.