Doterra is a genuine, ethical and integral Company. Doterra means ‘Gift of the Earth’ in Latin and these oils truly are a gift from our beautiful Mother Earth.

When you choose Doterra, you are choosing essential oils that have been gently and carefully distilled from plants all around the world. Doterra source their essential oils from their natural indigenous origins to ensure they are providing the most beneficial extract composition and efficiency available.

Many of the counties where Doterra source their essential oils from are less economically strong than our own. Doterra have created a co-impacting sourcing program where they are doing much more than just obtaining essential oils. They are assisting to improve the lives of others in a big way and they are dedicated and passionate about this.

Doterra have an extremely high quality control testing process named CPTG meaning Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. This testing process ensures that Doterra essential oils are free from any contaminants or unexpected alteration during the production. For more about CPTG review this CPTG overview.


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