Cafe & Juice Bar


We are very passionate about our food! There is a real love that goes into everything we make. We don’t want it to taste just good, we want you to go “Wow….that was great”!!! That is the intention we put into our food. We want people to say…”that was the BEST ….. I’ve had in ages”! and we do have that said regularly and more.

Food is there to nourish us but also invigorate us. I want to feel good after I eat a meal…not just full and ready for a nap!

We make sure we use good quality ingredients…butter, never marg, Himalayan salt, good quality wraps, locally grown mixed greens, always free range chicken (even our mince for our famous Thai patties are free-range chicken breasts ground fresh for us)

We keep our Menu small but changeable, with a Weekly Special. All our dishes are cooked gluten free so that Coeliacs or those with an intolerance to gluten, can choose from the whole menu including a  GF wrap. We cater for Vegans, Vegetarians, Paleo…most sensitivities are covered….hopefully we will be able to offer even those with the trickiest of diets, something to sustain you!


Juice Bar

We have carried the awareness of sensitivities into our Juice Bar and Hot Drinks menu by offering a large range of specialty milks. i.e. soy, rice, almond, coconut and my personal favorite, hazelnut! Try our new organic Living Chai an old Ayurvedic recipe with lot’s of fresh ginger or our Dandelion/Chicory Latte with Hazelnut milk…yum!

Who doesn’t like a good coffee?! Wild Timor will certainly not disappoint! It is a single origin, 100% Organic coffee from Timor Leste. Please see more information on the beauty of this coffee and the Projects we/you are supporting with every purchase of these beans 🙂 

I have been a lover of vegetable juices over the years. If you like it just for the taste or you are incorporating it into a health regime, we have you covered.

We do not serve 100% organic juices but use certain practises when dealing with our fruit and veg to lessen the harmful effects of waxes and pesticides. eg; washing the apples and celery in particular in apple cider vinegar. If you see our apples looking a little white and weird, this is what has been going on.

We have created a range of Super Smoothies that can help those that need that extra boost during the day. By using some of the Supplements off the shelf you can also get a feel of how that Supplement works for you. There is no watering down of the good stuff here! From Pea Protein, Bee Pollen, Spirulina, Maca etc … you can add a serving to any Juice or Smoothie available. And for the colder months, our Warm Winter Smoothies are back!