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UpBeet opened in Wonthaggi on the Bass Coast in August 2011. We are situated 10mins from beautiful Inverloch and Cape Paterson beaches and 30 mins from Phillip Island.

We have seen the need for Gluten free, dairy free, fructose friendly foods sky rocket in that time and have sourced a good selection of these foods in our Grocery section. While most of us here have allergies of some type, we can offer good solutions for people that need to modify or change their diet.

In the Cafe we have a Menu that caters for those restrictions. All of our foods are cooked using real food products i.e; free range chicken, butter..never marg! and all are made Gluten Free. Our biscuits, muffins and sweets are made low or no sugar, using freshly milled flour and we make sure we cover most food sensitive groups so you will always find something you can eat!

It’s not just about what we put in and onto our bodies. We care about the environment and the effect we are having on it. We do our best to source foods and products that have the lowest impact on the planet. We stock a large range of Bulk organic wholefoods, cereals, nuts etc. No GM foods here! We support local producers first and foremost in our café and our products in store.

Service is really a big motivating force behind our business and to serve you better is the reason we are establishing our online store! If there are any questions or support you need, we are only a phone call away or please use the Contact Form.