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I have recently experienced a bit of damage to my right foot in the form of torn ligaments. Having done this a few times before in my early years, and hearing a few loud cracks when I went over, I’m pretty sure that is what is going on. Not being a huge advocate of going to the Doctors…I have not had an XRay. To be honest, I’m not sure if that will actually impede the healing process right now or not.

The first night it happened I experienced quite a lot of pain. I used all the things I had in my arsenal…ice pack, foot elevated, Comfrey Cream, Arnica every half hour and Fusion’s Pain and Inflammation. Now, while all that was good, and it did help with the pain but…was still not enough to help get me past the throbbing to sleep.

The next day, my beautiful friend from Healing Space in Inverloch, leant me a Red Photonic torch. This particular one came from Red Light Therapy Kits in Australia. Not really knowing how it worked but trusting it must be a good thing for Latimah to send it to me, I used it as prescribed. Twice that day for 15mins at a time…putting it on different points around my ankle and foot and by the third time the next morning, the pain had gone! I was ecstatic for many reasons…1: no-one enjoys being in pain! 2: I really hate being on crutches…even more painful!! 3: It’s warming up and I want to get better and walk on the beach!!

With all that inspiration to get me back on my feet, I have been doing some research and it’s pretty interesting stuff. It was discovered a long time ago and most recently NASA and the Navy Seals use it to speed up recovery from injuries in the field. The infrared light activates the production of endorphins and blocks pain-transmitting chemicals. (it certainly has!) It also works with healing soft tissue, ligaments and tendons, (fingers x’ed!) works on skin problems eg; acne, rosacea and even wrinkles by promoting collagen, increasing blood flow, relaxing the muscles and stimulating cell mitochondria. Why have I not checked this out before?! This website gives some good info if you would like to read further 🙂

I will keep you up to date regarding “My Big Foot”