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I have been talking with lot’s of women in the shop as of late and we all seem to have very similar symptoms…it seems we have gotten to a certain age and it all starts to fall apart! The unexpected weight gain with a sluggish thyroid as the named culprit, Candida or chronic Yeast syndrome, Irritable Bowel, or at least uncomfortable bloating, a growing list of foods that we are sensitive to…the list goes on. And while a lot of us have tried to “fix” the problems…nothing seems to shift. What’s happening here?!

When I was younger, I met Catherine Gorma (Naturopath, L.I.S.T.E.N System and much more) that introduced me to the importance of minerals. I read a great little book about Colloidal minerals and was surprised to read that without them, we cannot absorb vitamins, our hormones can go out of whack…it seems minerals are the building blocks of the whole body and bottom line, without them lot’s of functions just don’t happen. It really hit me at a core level and I realized the importance of what I was reading. No-one tells you about minerals…but it seems without them, or when they are seriously out of balance, it underlies all the breaking down in our systems! This will all tie in shortly… 🙂

copperpostOne of the things I have been using to help me flush the heavy metals is Bentonite Clay. I started using one but have changed to “Edible Earth” (back in stock soon) I find this to be quite different from the one I started with..and am starting to really feel my energy return. Edible Earth No. 1 – 2.05lb / 931g EE-12

Heavy metals are a tricky one to get rid of. While there are foods that will flush the metals out of the organs, it can actually end up in the brain and tissues. The body still needs help in actually getting it out! This is where Bentonite Clay comes in. I will say that when starting the Clay…go sloowww. Me, I dived in after reading some info on one site….but maybe I could have been a little more cautious! The detox effects were quite intense…..brain fog like I couldn’t believe! I learn’t that a teaspoon twice a day was plenty….and I still feel like I had half a brain!

And then there is Copper…this is something I had heard nothing about but actually feels like it’s the missing link! It’s quite exciting really and may just lead me back to studying again. I have spoken about it to some of you already but really just need to post this info. If you don’t feel like you are getting to the real underlying cause…or what you are doing doesn’t seem to be doing what you were hoping for….this may help.

To be Continued….