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I would like to start right where I am at the moment… I have been seeing a wonderful woman that I have highly recommended to most people. So much so that it’s hard to get to see her easily these days! Latimah Sloan from Healing Space in Inverloch. This woman is a true healer on all levels for the body, mind and spirit.

My intention is to have great health and age with ease. The interesting thing was that I had been “cleansing” for approx 5 – 6 weeks…meaning no Gluten, Dairy, Meat, Sugar, Yeast and apart from feeling pretty pleased with myself…I’d kicked my Will into gear, I had started thinking…ok, where is the “bouncing out of my skin” and the “I feel great!” feeling about to return?! Where’s the “weight dropping off in buckets” since I cut out ALL sugars going to start happening?!! Nothing :(….but this is when the next layer appears… (There should be music after those few words…Da da dahhhhh! )

mercuryoverloadThe next thing that showed up was Heavy Metals…. again. I say again as I have had this diagnosis before quite a few years ago on seeing a wonderful Naturopath when we lived in Melbourne named Catherine Gorma who practices in Eltham. I was told at that time I would need to do a cleanse for them every 6mths…time passes and I haven’t been vigilant! It seems that they build up in the body and can cause some very nasty side effects that I was labeling “getting old” and “Menopause”! Not so… ( It’s amazing how our “labeling” of things…symptoms, can start confusing us to what the reality is. That’s another topic all together but something I would like to chat about one day soon.)

One of the reasons behind having such high Mercury levels ( apart from playing with that fun stuff we used to experiment with in the labs at school so many years ago?!) is supposedly the amount of Amalgams I have in my mouth. It was very interesting to read the list of symptoms..it was like a direct who’s who list of what I had been experiencing! It was a relief really, as I had started thinking, Alzheimers, here we go! Now, that may not be a coincidence.

So the next part of the “Cleansing” begins. I had never heard of Thiol foods but it became clear that all the wonderful healthy foods that I had been allowed to eat while being “good” on my cleanse, just may be the culprits that were causing me to feel so s—! Hmmm….So the research into high Thiol foods began. I was totally blown away by the list. My beloved greens which I could live on excluding everything else…well, nearly, showed up as being something I couldn’t eat! This was a little depressing to say the least. One of the things I started which had replaced my need for comfort food was raw Cacao. I had taken up drinking our yummy hot chocolates made from Raw Cacao with Hazelnut Milk…no longer! Chocolate is right up there on the list….This was going to be a real challenge!

It was to last 3 weeks.The short version is, I survived…by being very creative in between bouts of being totally bored and getting some help from Tim (who you may know from UpBeet) A great cook and full of creativity when restricted in the kitchen from being on a low Fodmap Diet for quite some time.

The thing was that during that time, my head became an absolute vague mess…I’m saying, a little worse than usual! There were moments of clarity but…the symptoms seemed worse.

To be continued…